Monday, 22 December 2014

Who's In The New Book?

I have spent most of 2014 on a mission to photograph people for "Lives & Times" the new book I am writing to raise funds for the Beating Bowel Cancer charity. The book is not yet finished, and there are still hopefully a few more poeple to be added. However here is the chapter list giving an insight as to who is already in the book. Some are self explanatory, whilst others will need a little more working out ;)


1)          Sir Steve Redgrave. 4
2)          Mick Channon – On The Gallops. 6
3)          Phil Parkes. 10
4)          Charlie Nicholas. 13
5)          British Superbikes. 16
6)          The Wright Stuff. 19
7)          Ben Richards. 22
8)          Carrie Grant. 25
9)          David Levenson.. 27
10)       The Cast of Stomp.. 30
11)       Gail Porter. 34
12)       Alan Davies. 37
13)       John Shuttleworth.. 39
14)       Generations. 41
15)       The Australians. 43
16)       The Skiers. 46
17)       60 Postcards. 47
18)       The Editor. 49
19)       The Publicans. 51
20)       The Football Reporter. 53
21)       The Mount Snowdon Challenge. 55
22)       The Unicyclist. 58
23)       Poppies at The Tower of London.. 60
24)       FA Cup Final Crowds. 62
25)       A Festival Crowd.. 64
26)       Band Members Reunited.. 65
27)       Status Quo – The Frantic Four. 68
28)       Billy Franks. 73
29)       Clare Grogan.. 76
30)       Abbey Road Recording Studios. 80
31)       Dodgy. 84
32)       Sir Horace Gentleman Meets Horace Panter. 87
33)       Soundchecking With The Stranglers. 90
34)       From The Jam... 92
35)       Tim Wheeler. 95
36)       The Gigs. 97
a.      The English Beat at The O2 Oxford Academy 13th March 2014.. 97
b.     TV Smith at SUB89 Reading 30th April 2014.. 98
c.      John Bramwell at Reading SUB89 25th April 2014.. 99
d.     The Rifles at Shepherds Bush Empire London 2nd May 2014.. 100
e.      Embrace at Shepherd’s Bush Empire London 21st May 2014.. 101
f.       The Charlatans at The Garage at Highbury Corner 20th October 2014.. 102
g.      James at The Royal Albert Hall 19th November 2014.. 103

h.     Carter USM at The O2 Brixton Academy 22nd November 2014.. 104

2014 has turned into a very eventful year. As well as the new book project, I went up Mount Snowdon with some friends, and we raised almost £2700 for the Beating Bowel Cancer charity. The first book has now achieved 323 sales raising about £500 for the charity. Unfortunately in November we found out that mum's cancer had returned after 2 years in remission, and so she is due to have an operation on January 14th at Harefield Hospital to remove a cancerous nodule on her lung. This is a secondary bowel cancer from the cancer she had back in 2012. Therefore second half of Janaury is all mum being there for mum, and naturally is going to be a write off in terms of the book. So I am hoping to work around the last few potential participants that include Gabby Logan, Freya North & Christopher Biggins, and yet still get the book finished for spring publication,. However I am prepared to push it back if I have too, as I want it to be the very best it can be.

Thanks for all the support this year, especially to those who have bought the first book, donated to the fundraisng, and those people kind enough to given up their time and being part of the new book. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

A Special Night at The Union Chapel

Last night I photographed Billy Franks for the new book at his very special concert at the Union Chapel in London. I have seen him play live many times over the years, but never before backed by a gospel choir. It was an absolutely stunning show. Billy was one of the musicians who immediately agreed to coming on board the new book, and was right at the top of my wish list too. The former front man of the 1980s band The Faith Brothers is one of the good guys, a master craftsman in the singer / songwriting. This will be a special chapter for me to write.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Gail Porter at Winter Wonderland

I met up with Gail Porter at a very cold and festive Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park last December, and it was another hugely enjoyable and fascinating experience in the journey of the forthcoming Lives & Times book. She was really lovely and very enthusiastic in getting involved in the book. This photo also shows her wearing the Beating Bowel Cancer tie to help raise awareness about the disease. The chapter will make reference to our ride on the "Ski Slope" where stupidly I hadn't realised what I was letting myself in for! I am still feeling a bit dizzy now :) Of course this was a brilliant opportunity, and how many people can count themselves lucky enough to have photographed the beautiful Gail Porter? Yes this can be a tough job, but someone has to do it ;) 

I have yet to have anything other than great fun doing this so far, and everyone taking part has been so kind and up for the idea and totally supporting the fundraising project for the Beating Bowel Cancer charity. What on earth will I do with myself once this is finished?? :)

As the new book enters it final stages now in terms of the photographing of people, I now down to maybe a couple moe photographs and then it will time to begin a countdown to publication. The plan is to publish in the next few months, but if there is anyone out there who would like to come on board I am still open to new people / new ideas... 

My mother successfully had surgery in February to remove a cancerous nodule from her left lung, which as expected was a secondary cancer from her bowel cancer of 2012. She is making a great recovery, and has been given the all clear and is back on regular blood tests and CT scans to monitor her health. So its all systems go now with the new book, and if anything the whole point of doing it has been even more reinforced by that recent turn of events. 

If you can't wait for the new book with Gail in it, the first book "Beating Bowel Cancer" is still available to buy on Amazon with all proceeds going to the Beating Bowel Cancer charity. Find out more about it here.