Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Keeping The Spotlight On Bowel Cancer

The recent tragic death of the wonderfully courageous Stephen Sutton has served to not only raise large amounts of money for the Teenage Cancer Trust, but has also put bowel cancer back in the spotlight. Raising bowel cancer awareness is critical, as early detection is key to the successful chances of beating it. Work has to be done by everyone as there are still cases of misdiagnosis happening especially among the younger sufferers. 

I have come across some wonderfully warm people on this journey, and it is always heartbreaking to hear of someone passing away. The cancer community of the patients, and their family and friends are a breed apart, and coming into contact so many good people has been a real highlight of the last couple of years.

I recently travelled up to Wembley to photograph cup final crowds for the next fundraising book, and like most visitors to the ground, I was drawn to the statue of the late Bobby Moore who sadly died of bowel cancer in 1993. This illness does not discriminate and can strike anyone...

I am still pushing the first book released in 2012 as much as I can, and all support for it is really appreciated. The second book is progressing well, and will hopefully be ready for a November release. I am still looking for photographic opportunities with the theme of the new book being people, so if you have any ideas please let me know.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Photos On Sale To Raise Funds For Beating Bowel Cancer

The latest fundraising idea is to sell my photos on-line. I have created an album where people can buy photos in a variety of sizes and products. Every penny that I earn will be donated to Beating Bowel Cancer. I am using and 90% of the sale price comes to me so it could be a great way of generating some more funds for the charity.

I shall be using some photos that are in book 1 and some from book 2, which hasn't gone on sale yet. There will also be some of my favourite photos that I have taken that don't appear in either of the books. This will be an ever-changing process with new photos be added all the time. 

Please visit the album on Photobox here and all support will be greatly appreciated.

Quest For A FA Cup Final Ticket

For a book about people one place where there will be thousands of people is at a major sporting event. This weekend is the FA Cup Final and I am going to travel to Wembley with my camera to get shot shots of the crowd outside the stadium.

It would be fantastic of course to get a ticket to see the game and get photos of the game. I did once go to a cup final replay back in 1993. I have contacted Wembley without success, and the prices on the secondary tickets range from £400 to £800 and even higher! To put the prices into perspective I reckon the first book has raised about £500 so far for Beating Bowel Cancer with the 300+ sales and donations.

So what to do...

Friday, 9 May 2014

Horace Panter of The Specials Photographed

I spent some time in the company of Horace Panter yesterday in Coventry. He is the bass player in The Specials and also a respected artist. He was a real gentleman being ever so helpful and a really interesting man to talk to. I got some great photos for the book and lots of anecdotes from him. He also makes a mean cup of tea! I am currently reading his biography on the band "Ska'd For Life" which is absolutely fascinating. Another great chapter in the making for the book.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

60 Postcards Meets Beating Bowel Cancer

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting up with Rachael Chadwick the author of "60 Postcards" a wonderful book that deals with how she dealt with bereavement and celebrated her mum's life after she lost her fight with bowel cancer just 16 days after diagnosis. I was really pleased she was up for being part of the new book, and it was great finally meeting up, but alas the fading light and possibly a drink or two meant that I didn't really get "the shot" for the book. So we are going to have to meet up all over again to get the photo done! :)

Friday, 2 May 2014

More People on Board

It's been an interesting couple of weeks with more people coming on board the book. I have also been busy with my camera getting more pictures done and of course writing the anecdotal chapters. If I can continue to attract  people to take part the finished product is going to be a great read.

David Levenson professional photographer and in remission from bowel cancer has agreed to take part.

Writer Freya North known for her chick-lit novels, who has recently become Ambassador for Beating Bowel Cancer is going to take part.

Next week I am going to photograph Horace Panter, bass player with The Special and as a respected artist his work has exhibited all over the UK.

This week I got to watch and photograph singer songwriter John Bramwell. He played an intimate solo show in Reading, and he is also in the band I Am Kloot.